Angela Clutton

IMG_3168 (1)I am a food writer and food historian. The traditions, heritage and regionality of British food are at the core of my work writing for publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Country Life and as the food historian on the BBC’s ‘Rip Off Britain: Food’. I am the co-Chair of the Guild of Food Writers. 

I am also a recipe writer and demonstration cook for Borough Market, and run the Borough Market Cookbook Club for which I cook / host events at Borough Market’s beautiful Cookhouse kitchen. The Cookbook Club has several hundred members from the UK and internationally.

I’m currently working on my first book which sets out to encourage cooks to get the most of using the different types of vinegar that are available to buy. I think too many of us don’t realise how versatile vinegars are and what a difference they can make to our cooking – salads are just the very tip of what they are good for. I want to delve into the fascinating subject of international vinegars and their history, whilst focussing on their usefulness to the modern cook

This wasn’t always how the ‘about me’ bit would read. I worked for over ten years a theatre producer and in that time managed productions in the West End, on Broadway, in Tokyo and across the UK; and was the Director of the Theatre Royal Windsor. Then I gave all that up to pursue my interest in food and its heritage and try to build a career as a writer – the best decision I ever made.

For commissions, writing enquiries, or just to get in touch please email me on:

(The title of this blog comes from the medieval trencher bread ‘plates’. Those big slices of – probably not very nice – bread that food was piled onto and eaten from would have been thrown away at the end of the meal. For us now, when we have something on hot buttered toast the bread that will have taken on its toppings’ flavours is part of why it is so tasty. That modern interpretation of an old idea is what a lot of my work is all about.)

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