Williams pears preserved in cardamom, pepper and bay infused calvados

For the last almost-6 months I have broken every rule of food blogging by my total failure to put anything up on here.


My excuse is a fair chunk of my writing-time these past months has been on my column for Borough Market. It has been a six-part series called “Preservation Society’ about modern uses for different traditional ways of preserving food, with accompanying recipes.


First up was a piece about preserving fruits in sugar and alcohol. You can read it by clicking through here and there’s an accompanying recipe for Williams pears preserved in cardamom, pepper and bay infused calvados. The resulting pears have been boozily divine – especially with some very good vanilla ice-cream.


As we get set for the new seasons’ Spring and Summer fruit it is worth remembering what a good investment in forward-planning it can be to keep some of the fruit back for such preserving, I’ve written here before about Hodgkin which is really a lovely layering up of the different fruits as they come into season. Too often I only think about doing that towards the end of the season and rue not having started early. This year I shall – I hope. 

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