‘Hodgkin’ fruits in brandy

This Kent tradition is a great way to use up any summer fruits knocking about in the garden, fridge or freezer. Layer them up with brandy and sugar (adding some of autumn’s fruits when they come into season too), and you’ll have a treat in store come Christmas.


By then the Hodgkin’s fruits are delicious scooped out and served with cream, ice-cream or meringues. I’d go for a few mint leaves over the top and some of the muskily fruited brandy as a liqueur on the side.


Into a large, sterilised jar put summer fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries, even a few tarter redcurrants or blackcurrants. Add half the fruits’ weight in sugar and enough brandy to cover it all. Give it a stir, seal it up. In the autumn you could add plums, pears, apples (stoned and chopped), and/or blackberries with more sugar and more brandy to cover. Then leave your hodgkin alone in a dark, cool place (but not the fridge) until Christmas time.

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  1. I was frist introduced to the Dutch Rumtopf this years ago which is very similar to Hodgkin fruits. Its very very popular. I separate the ” liqueur” from the fruit. My family like the liqueur chilled!

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