Jersey Royals with wild garlic butter

Jersey Royals and wild garlic ramson leaves don’t overlap their seasons for long so this year I have been making the most of them for the brief time that they do. Just before the wild garlic flowers arrive as a sign that the leaves are over for another year.

If you live somewhere with ‘Ram’ in the name that will be a region where ramsons (ie wild garlic) grew abundantly. Maybe it still does. It just goes to show how long-standing and widespread the ramson plant is in Britain:  hello Ramsgate, Ramsey, Ramsbottom …


Jersey Royals with wild garlic butter

This is so simple to do that calling it a ‘recipe’ seems a bit much. The subtle garlicness of the leaves allows the famously distinct flavour of the Jerseys to still come through. These new potatoes are delicious with baked salmon, chicken, lamb – or even just on their own if that isn’t too carbily decadent for a supper.

500g Jersey Royals

40g wild garlic leaves – including the upper, paler parts of the stalks too



Steam or boil the potatoes until tender. Return them to the drained pan and lightly press down with a fork to break the potatoes up a little – that helps the wild garlic etc really get into the heart of the spuds.  Tear up the wild garlic and add to the pan along with as much butter and salt as you can bear to add. The leaves will wilt under the light heat of the spuds. Give it all a good stir and serve soon.

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