Bacon on mushrooms

The bacon grills atop the mushrooms which means that all its glorious, salty, juiciness seaps down into the mushroom. A fab start to any day but best on those days when you can take your time over it.

Serve with toast or a muffin. Maybe fried eggs too.


Bacon on mushrooms (per person)

2 large portobello mushrooms

knob of butter, melted

Worcestershire sauce

2 rashers bacon

Sit the mushrooms flat-side up on some kitchen foil. Brush over most but not all of the butter and season. Grill for about 5 minutes. Turn the mushrooms over, brush over the rest of the butter, give each a dash or three of Worcestershire Sauce, and then lay a rasher of bacon on each mushroom. Return to the grill for about 7 minutes until the bacon is cooked, turning the rasher over partway through.

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