Orange Pomanders – the quicker way

I use two ways to make an orange pomander. One that needs to be started a few weeks ahead but will ultimately last longer – it involves drying the studded oranges in cinnamon and orris root. And then there’s this method which is easy as pie and will give you instant results.

You really do just need oranges and quite a lot of cloves.  Roll each orange around in your hands first to warm it as this makes it easier to get the cloves in. Then get to work studding the orange with the cloves.  You could cover the whole skin, do a design, even write something – totally up to you.

These pomanders look lovely piled up into a bowl or cake stand.  Or to hang them, arrange some ribbon around the orange before you start with the cloves. 

Cut two lengths of ribbon which each fit around the orange and then are a bit longer still. Wrap one piece around the orange, then cross the other over it at the bottom of the orange, holding it in place with your finger, and wrap that up around the orange too.  So you have effectively divided the orange into quarters.  Where the ribbons cross at the bottom, pop in a pin to keep them in place. Now bring the lengths of ribbon together at the top, tie together and then into a loop which you can use to hang it with.

Your pomander will look and smell terrific – but be warned that it won’t last that long.  The fruit is fresh, so it may well go moldy in a week or so.

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