Dried lavender

I just about in the nick of time got to the lavender before the heatwave did.

A couple of weeks ago I fought with the bees to cut just a bowl-ful of heads. There was always going to be plenty left for them but I guess they didn’t know that. I cut the heads with about 6 inches of stalk and they’ve been hanging upside down in bunches of 8 or so for a little over a week now.  (It’s best not to tie too many together or the inner ones won’t dry so well.) The stalks are already devoid of oil which tells me that the oils have gone into the flowers and they’re ready to be picked off.

I’ll rub the flowers over a sheet of newspaper to get them off and store the beautifully scented petals in an air-tight jar. Ready to be used in wardrobe hangers or made into scented bags.

Lavender may be on its way out now but there are plenty more flowers that can be dried for decoration, made into pot pourri or pressed.


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  1. I cut half a dozen heads while still in bud and dried them so I could make lavender sugar. 500g caster sugar in an airtight container with the dried flower buds, if left for a week or two will make something to sprinkle over shortbread or to make scented desserts like blancmange (which was my initial reason for making the stuff, although I have yet to make the dessert). Lasts over 12 months, so I’ve been told.

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