Egg jarping

We’re all familiar with Easter egg hunts and egg-rolling races.  But what about egg jarping??? Jarping is a bit like conkers really.  Complete – I’m sure – with similar scope for cheating but I won’t sully the game’s or your innocence by telling you any of the cheats to toughen-up your egg’s shell. 

It seems to have been played mostly in the north-east of England and it was at a Grandee event in Newcastle that I first heard about it from a lady who remembers competing against her seven brothers.  Apparently her gentle but sure touch always trounced their heaviness of hand.

egg-jarpingThe point is to break or crack your opponents shell using your own egg which must remain unblemished.  Each player holds their egg in one hand and then you just knock the eggs into each other.  Whoever cracks first is out.

I reckon it makes a fun family game for Easter Sunday – and it certainly has the added advantage of not being weather dependent as you can play inside or outside. (Do just be careful of any shells really breaking and getting raw egg all over your table / carpet.)

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  1. hi – no need to worry about raw egg – you only jarp hard boiled eggs before you have them in your sandwiches!

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