Flower power

I’ve written before about using flower oils to make your own scented drawer liners but I decided it was worth revisiting this idea when I came across this way of doing it in Frances Bissell’s brilliant book ‘The Scented Kitchen’. 

She recounts Great-Grandmother’s Way of Scenting Her Clothes’ Chest and Drawers from the 1948 Women’s Institute publication, ‘The Country Housewife’s Handbook’.

The idea is to use fresh flowers and let their perfume seep into cotton wool balls that you can then strew through your lingerie drawer.  Where this idea may come a cropper now is that it is all too rare to find flowers that really properly smell of anything.  But if you do, I think this is a lovely idea to have a go at.

petalsThe WI suggest using any kind of strong-smelling fresh flower that tickles your nose’s fancy – they suggest rose leaves, carnations, jasmine, wallflowers, magnolia blossoms or tuberose. Then you just need an earthenware jar, some cotton wool balls and pure olive oil (not extra virgin – that has too much of its own smell).

Steep the cotton wool in some oil and then put a layer of it in the bottom of your jar. Cover that with a thick layer of your flowers, then more oiled wool and carry on layering up until the jar is full.  Cover it tightly and put the jar to stand in the sun for a week. Throw away the flowers and gently squeeze any excess oil from the cotton wool.

You should be left with scented cotton wool balls that can be strewn through your drawers. Any extras can be stored in a sealed jar until you want them but they won’t keep forever.

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    I’ definitely going to give this a go x

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