Pancake Races

My mother-in-law is going to a pancake-making party this weekend. I’m trying to encourage her to get in some covert pancake-tossing training and then oh-so nonchalantly suggest that they have a race.

There’s a pancake race in Olney in Buckinghamshire that has been going since 1445. Local housewives (although I assume that the criteria for entry have broadened out a bit by now) compete to toss a pancake in its pan at least three times over a distance of 415 yards (380m). As this old photo shows, the race would draw quite a local crowd. The prize for the winner is the same now as it always was – a kiss from the local vicar.

I think these races have a lot going for them – exercise, doing something together as a community, competition, good food. Olympic legacy, anyone?


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