I’m on Gransnet!

It’s a piece about parkin (click here for the link) and I have had lots of lovely feedback from people who either had no idea previously about what on earth parkin is, or for whom it brought back some old childhood memories. Obviously, that kind of feedback is a big part of why I was so keen for the feature to happen and so chuffed when it did.

But more than that, I am so pleased about it because I just love Gransnet.  I love that it is a place where a generation can congregate, chew the fat, swap stories and maybe war wounds.  I think it is empowering to the people that it is there for. And I think that the Gransnetters who write on its forums have a wit, empathy, understanding and insight that many other parts of our communities would do well to emulate.

I am really quite proud to be any part of it.

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