Bites and Stings

Such a lovely time in the sunshine. Frolics and fun and food and … damn-these-bloody-nuisance-insects-that-won’t-leave-us-alone!

Familiar? Here are a handful of the old remedies that I have come across:

Apply a little tomato juice or some cider vinegar to which you’ve added thyme or rosemary.

Grind up a couple of aspirin and make it into a paste with a little water. If you rub it onto the bite that should help to take down the swelling.

Put a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water and then rub over your bites.  If you use less water and so make more of a paste, that’s good for bee stings as it helps draw out the sting.

Run some lemon or lime peel over your bites, or try the inside of banana peel.

Dock leaves are well known as a remedy for a nettle sting. And whilst it may be true that docks often grow near to nettles, if you’re unlucky and happen to have been got by a nettle without a dockly neighbour, then rubbing on leaves from sage, mint, rosemary will also work.


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