Whole Roasted Onions

Most of the onions I buy get chopped up and used as the base for probably most of what I cook.  I bet yours do too. Very obviously that is because of the depth of flavour the onions enhance a diversity of dishes with.  When it comes to eating them in their own right, though, onion soup pretty much has the monopoly. Spare a thought for roasting a whole onion “in its overcoat”, as Dylan Thomas called it.

Do them just like a jacket potato – albeit for longer – and once cooked the skin can be peeled back to reveal meltingly sweet and intense baked onion flesh. All you will need to do is put some salt, pepper and a little butter over.

Whole Roasted Onions (for 4 onions)

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Pull any loose bits off each onion but be sure to leave as much skin on as possible. Cut the top off each one. Stud each onion with two cloves. Sit the onions in a deep-sided dish and pour over 100ml of stock, vermouth, wine or just water. Dot butter over and season.

Roast for 2 hours and then serve with more butter and salt over. The onion flesh will be deliciously soft inside its coat.

Delicious as they are for a light supper – watercress would work well alongside – they also work very well as an accompaniment to a meat or fish dinner.

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