What’s it all about

I’m fascinated by traditional ways of cooking, living and doing that have been around for donkeys and passed down through the generations.  Those are the things that I research and write about, which are featured on here, and which will come together in my book.

‘Traditional’ runs the risk of sounding twee, musty and all wrapped up in a gingham bow – and that’s not what I’m talking about at all. What I mean by it are ideas which are absolutely relevant to our modern lives despite (or maybe because of) being grounded in our heritage. Time-honoured traditions adapted by the generations to suit the changing times.

Generations have always passed things down by ‘word of hand’. My mum watched, learnt from and helped her mother. My grandmother from her mother likewise. On and on, back and back through the years. I did the same – albeit rather less.  And the next generations? Well, it seems certain that as time becomes an ever-more precious and rare commodity, there is simply less opportunity for generations to share things together and learn from each other. 

And so I am gathering together old skills, tricks and know-how, and writing about them to hopefully motivate people to have a go. I write about their heritage, how-to and why-to.

‘Why-to’ is why any of us should bother to try out these old ways. And it’s not nostalgia for the sake of it – each of these ideas can make life a little brighter somehow.  Whether that’s from giving longevity to the things you love in your home or wardrobe; by creating something to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends; or maybe just the pleasure of the doing.

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