Lining your drawers

As in furniture.  Not the other kind.

From the beginning of time grandmothers have lined their chests of drawers with paper.  Which just goes to show how on-the-button clever grannies are, as paper linings for drawers are both practical and pretty.

The Case for Practical: Clothes which are stored in a wooden drawer can sometimes get a bit discoloured from the varnish. A lining will protect against that and also from any snags that might be caused by clothes catching on rough bits of wood.  This comes in particularly useful if you’re storing hosiery in a wooden drawer, otherwise you’ll have snags and ladders before you even start. And, by adding certain oils to the lining you can help keep moths and other nasties away.

The Case For Pretty: A lining will perk up any drawer in the house – whether it’s an old wooden dresser that needs a modern lift; or some scandinavian standard-issue that needs personalising.  Your choice of paper will create a beautiful look that’s unique to you and that’s mainly why I think it’s nicer to make a lining than buy the ready-made ones.

You can choose any paper which takes your fancy – that could be lovely heavy wrapping paper or some beautiful wallpaper. Maybe even some vintage paper that you find in a market. The important thing though is that it’s a good weight. Start off by using a measuring tape to take the measurements of your drawer(s) and then draw that out in pencil on the back of your paper.  Now cut it out allowing an inch or so excess around each edge.  If you do that the edges will fold up slightly at the sides and give a smarter look. It’s better to cut more than you need and then trim, rather than be too scrimpy on it and then have to scrap it because it’s too small.


For the drawers which house your clothing or lingerie, you might want to try making a scented liner.  This is also the method to use if you’re making a liner to try to keep moths out.

You need to use essential oils really as they last longer.  Think about lavender, rose geranium, rosemary, orange, rose, lemon. Budding perfumiers amongst you could get very clever and create your own bespoke blend of favourite essential oil scents. If you have a favourite perfume you could find out its base notes and use one or more of those for your lining.  Doing that will give your clothes a subtle hint of your signature fragrance.

There are two methods – the first which is good if you’re doing one or at least a small number of linings; the second is handy if you’re doing a fair few.

Whichever method you’re using the ratio of oils to water is 2 parts water : 1 part oils.

Method One – small quantity:
Cut out the lining as above and lay it on a table face down. In a clean bowl mix together the oil and water.  Try using 2 teaspoons water: 1 teaspoon oils. Then take a cotton wool ball and dip it into the bowl.  Squeeze off the excess and then brush the cotton wool over the back of the paper.  Repeat a few times to get a good covering all over the paper. Then just leave the paper to dry thoroughly before putting it into the drawer.

Method Two – if you’re doing quite a few:
All as above but use larger quantities and rather than a cotton wool ball, put the oil:water blend into a clean spray bottle.  Then just spray the paper at the back all over and leave to dry.


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  1. I love this, thanks for the helpful instructions. As I am shortly moving in to a new place, this will help me have sweet smelling drawers that my boyfriend will love!

  2. Looks great! What wallpaper is used there with the trees?
    Josie 🙂

  3. Hello Thank You so much that’s great. This has really helped me.
    Mrs Dodson

  4. Thank you. I want to cover some bathroom drawers and the scented idea will be great.Geometric design wallpaper if I can find a roll. Thanks Esme

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